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Welcome to Polyglot! 

We built Polyglot to give everyone affordable access to the most up to date native language immersion learning tools in the world. We believe that language immersion is the single most effective way to reach fluency in any language.

This is a compilation of language learning resources (work in progress):

Immersion Courses:

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We’ve created a number of immersion courses where we take video content of very specific domains and provide full annotatable and printable  transcripts, pre-mined vocabulary cards and more. 

See all immersion courses: Immersion Language Courses

New lessons are added every month.

Language Transcripts:

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If what you are after are high quality transcripts, we are building a database of high quality transcripts so that you can practice immersion across various domains. See here for our master transcript database: Immersion Transcripts

Podcasts Directory

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A directory of language learning podcasts (mostly on spotify). You can view all of the podcasts in the master directory here: Polyglot's Language Podcast Directory

Please like your favorite podcast to bump them up in the rankings so that other polyglots know which are the most recommended podcasts!