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  • Traveling in China (Natural Conversation) - Mandarin Language Immersion #1

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  • Food in China (Natural Conversation) - Mandarin Chinese Language Immersion #2

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  • Chef Wang cooks a "Hard Core" dish, a 25kg braised Ox's head! Uncle is so satisfied

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  • Chef Wang cooks Pan Long Hand Torn Eel for Uncle, it's a chill snack, great combination for beer

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  • The whole process of Chinese knife sharpening: get the shape right, grinding, sharpening

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  • The countryside of Sichuan is full of "Wild Vegetables", cook them into fried rice, salad, and soup

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  • Chef Wang saw a villager catching eels in the field, let's make a "Stir Fried Eel with Fresh Pepper"

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  • Chef Wang bought a stone pot to cook "Fish Head Hot Pot", but the stone pot didn't end well

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  • Chef Wang shares: "Cantonese Bai Qie Chicken (Poached Chicken)" and "Sichuan Kou Shui Chicken"

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  • The complete guide to Chinese kitchen knives: comparing different knives with high and low prices

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  • Year of the Tiger is coming, let me share with you a few "Tiger Skin" New Year's Eve dishes

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  • Chef Wang become a dumpling shop manager, and learned a few more dumpling folding techniques

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  • Chef Wang's Uncle want the "Salt-baked Pork Liver", so let's make it again in the outdoor kitchen

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  • Chef Wang shares: "48 kinds of Hot-pot dippings", there always a dip for you (it's a bit boring)

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  • Uncle said: Only the luck ones can find this special Jizong mushroom, and he definitely is the one

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  • HuanongBros come to Sichuan to visit me, treat them with all my best dishes and gifts

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  • Chef Wang try the Kebab grill machine for the first time, Uncle loves it so much!

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Traveling in China (Natural Conversation) - Mandarin Language Immersion #1

Vocabulary cards

105 vocabulary cards


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